Adventures in Spiralizing + take a peek into my lunch

When I first learned of the spiralizer, I eyed it suspiciously with tentative unease. It looked complicated, but I was willing to take a try. So I ordered the simple plastic contraption and catapulted myself into it without much thought.

On my first attempt, I twisted and turned several zucchini squash and ended up with beautiful “noodles”! Who would have thought, such ingenuity! Combined with some homemade meat marinara sauce, I didn’t even have to convince myself it was pasta- it was better than pasta. It didn’t leave me overly full with a lingering sense of guilt, like how I used to eat when I indulged in a giant bowl of carbs.

IMG_2814Then…I learned you could spiralize butternut squash. What. You’re kidding me. You can make noodles out of my absolute favorite vegetable, the one that has saved me from many a dietary meltdown? Yes, hear the good news.

With help from a tutorial video and recipe from Inspiralized, I successfully indulged in some bns noodles to the enjoyment of both Seth and me. You should check out her blog for helpful hints on how to use the spiralizer as well as yummy recipes with lovely photos!

DSC_1328 DSC_1314


Take a look at my take on the Roasted Red Pepper sauce with butternut squash noodles from the Inspiralized website!


Order the spiralizer on Amazon here:

And here’s your weekly take a peek into my workday lunch:


1. Paleo banana pancakes with pineapple and mango. Recipe from AgainstAllGrain.

2. Green beans- I actually roasted them with some almonds to make them more palatable for me. For some reason, I have taste aversion to them at times.

3. Leftover dinner of roasted red pepper sauce with butternut squash noodles from Inspiralized.

4. Organic plain applesauce with cinnamon.

5. Golden raisins, almonds and 85% dark chocolate (Divine brand- even though it does have a small amount of soy lecithin and sugar, I indulge at times).

6. Lara Bars- naturally, would you expect anything less?

Happy healthy eating!

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